Plum and I got up at 4:30 this morning to watch the lighting on the front porch. As we huddled under our blankets we discussed weather and listened for the thunder. As the storm passed, I mentioned that I was so grateful our dogs weren’t frightened by the storms like our Rowdie and Tippy, our dogs who passed away. Plum wanted to know the stories so I described how Rowdie would hide in the downstairs bathroom and Tippy would just quiver, shake so hard. He asked about Pony, our Hurricane Katrina rescue. As I told the story of the hurricane and the levees broken we moved inside to the couch, more blankets and snuggling. He misses Pony so much, often becoming sad, chin touching his chest, walking slowly, the picture of desolation. As I told the story of how we came to acquire Pony, he listened and took on the family history, absorbing his past and the impact weather. Macky, our golden retriever pup who weighs 85 pounds at just over a year, climbed on top of Plum, claiming his territory. Finally Plum decided he couldn’t hear any more, asked me to stop. He decided the story made him too sad and he just needed to cuddle with Mack. What a smart boy. We need to embrace our history and live in the moment. Finding the balance is the tough part.

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