Today I am Blessed

Today I am blessed to hear the spring bird’s melody as they flit from tree to tree, landing for a moment on our new feeder.  I know the act of buying a feeder to invite the birds is an act of love to us, inviting God back into our home.

I am blessed to soak in the colors and scents of all the flowers on the porch as I drink my first cup of coffee, knowing these aren’t just hanging pots filled with dirt and plants.  Rather these are fertilizers for our souls, reminders that God grows things from seeds, that God can handle our dirt and make beautiful things grow from it.

Today I am blessed to trust our family is on prayer lists of close friends and strangers.  I trust in prayer.  I am blessed to have friends to pray for, to have strangers to lift up.  I am blessed to have been trusted with deep wounds to allow my heart to understand the pain of others.  I know the only way out is through but through is painful and lonely and scary if done alone.  I am blessed to be part of a Jesus community that holds my hand and whispers in my ear: We are not alone.

I am blessed to be married to the man God chose for me, a man who needs more than I give and I forget that.  I forget that I am not alone and that we are more than friends many times.  Schedules, chronic illness, weight of worry all destroy romance but the closeness remains.  Because God chose this man for me, He isn’t willing to let me mess it up.  I get chance after chance and do better the next time.

Today I am blessed.  Soon the noisy 5 year old will arrive. Lego, guns, mud.  More blessings.   As for this moment, I am reveling in the sounds of birds, the smell of flowers, the prayer list before me, the coffee lovingly set up by my husband last night.  I am blessed.

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