The Masterbuilder

I love Legos. The kits, the instructions, bright colors. I will admit to purchasing some just so that I can assemble them, knowing my Plum will delight in tearing them down, using the pieces for his own creations. Like a puzzle but less guessing, the design is laid out, I can easily build a masterpiece. Sort, snap, click, ah. Peace is restored by connecting hundreds of little pieces.  Pattern emerges to create something I never could have imagined.

Seemingly overnight I have 3 trips planned, all in the space of a month.  My traveling heart is excited, my anxious soul wondering how to get all the pieces in the right places.  Child care, dog sitters, who will feed my birds? Yet each trip, I can see, is designed to restore a broken part of me, help reassemble this masterpiece God created.  I expect to discard some pieces, put some together in new ways, allow God to lead me in the rebuilding.

My first trip is to St. Paul to an event called “Sobriety and Spirit” with Steve Wiens and Seth Haines. if you are interested. The opportunity to meet Steve, coupled with this topic, add time away with my Chef, too perfect to pass up.  Worshiping Sunday morning at Steve’s church is sure to be a blessing.  I have written already about Steve’s book “Beginnings” and how it has brought me back to life. The chance to thank him in person is so exciting. The subject matter of the event may be tough, will be tough.  I can feel the gentle hands of God pushing us to go, even as I initially resisted. There is something for us there.  He is going to make something new.

My next trip is to a Cubs game.  Why would God send me to, is it Wrigley Field? Because I need to meet my husband where he is.  I need to join him, nurture him, love him.  I want to watch his face as he watches his Cubbies, listen as he spouts statistics, participate in something that is so basic to who he is as we celebrate our anniversary. Marriage is about sacrifice as much as anything, finding the common ground.  I have strayed too far away, alone, leaving him alone, forgetting to have fun together.  So off to Chicago we will go, letting God put the pieces back in order, one inning at a time.

Finally, traveling on the back of my brother’s motorcycle for 4000 miles over the course of two weeks is beyond my comfort zone. Outside of buying new boots for the trip, I am less than sure how else to prepare. Borrowing a helmet, living out of a backpack, those pieces are easy.  What does God have in store for me on this trip, a forced time of sitting, no talking, just looking.  Evenings spent remembering old family stories, processing some history, putting pieces in place.  Days spent looking at God’s creations, reminding me of my place in it all.  What an amazing opportunity to find restoration, to discard old hurts, accept some new colors.

Soon I will leave my porch, leave my instruction books, leave my Lego bricks and set out to listen closely for some new things being whispered and roared. The ultimate Master Builder is leading, I can’t wait to see what He creates in me.

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