One day my Princess will come

We planted my tree yesterday, 12 days late, but still, she is in the ground.  My Chef labored over the hole, the ground rocky, a stump that needed removed.  He researched on Youtube the best planting of a flowering crab, let me say that again, he researched using the internet.  Not his comfort zone.  He packed his trunk with proper soils to mix to give the tree the best start, to prepare for the big day.  I bought pink ribbon, a pink bird feeder.  We forgot about how the older “sibling” feels when a new child is brought into the family.

Plum and I have each claimed a tree in the front yard, his the glorious Liliac, mine the sad Tulip the lighting is partial to as well.  Bird feeders hang from each, suet in the winter.  Much competition ensues as we watch how many visitors we have at each tree, he always wins. Of course I fill his feeder with the premium seed, the yummiest suet.  Bringing this new tree into the mix with pink adornments upset the balance, he wondered why his cousin got her own tree, why the fuss.  A hard conversation as he hid under the bushes, feelings raw for both of us.

How joyful my little Princess will be when she finally visits and finds her own tree that her best cousin planted, mixing soil, moving rocks, dumping, loading, digging, all for her.  Someday she will come and see birds visiting, listen to their songs.  “But, Gran, what if she never comes again?”  I never make promises to this little boy who trusts so few.  I told him we were trusting God with that, we were planting our Princess tree, we were going to care for it and watch it grow and I believe one day she will play under it.  “Gran, can I play with her?”  He spoke my dream.

We planted our Princess tree yesterday.  My husband was in labor for several hours, we brought him Gatorade and tried to keep him comfortable. We proudly took pictures afterward, we found a place in our family for this newcomer.  Today I sit on the porch and watch God pour rain down, blessing my hopes, feeding my dreams.  One day my Princess will come.  Until then, I will watch her grow for my chair on the porch.  Today is a good day.

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