Emily Sprinkles

I got sprinkled by grace this weekend, covered in little bits of Emily glitter that covered me in joy and hope and all things good. A new friend I met from our Beginnings class, she has come to be a sweet sister in faith, a highlight when we interact.  Her ready smile, uplifting attitude never fails to shine on all around.

I met her as I was going out the doors of church, she was going in, both of us busy doing VBS stuff for the week ahead. I had just returned from picking up my mother-in-law, deciding she should come help me make baked ziti for 300 people. I was anxious to capture time in the kitchen with her, a very simple recipe, 3 pots, no distractions. Emily understood my need, rejoiced in it. She brought back into focus the point of the meal: communion with new friends.

My mother-in-law couldn’t remember what was in each pot, got confused about our process, my heart ached. Yet we tasted the sauce, we talked, we worked together again in the kitchen.  We had communion time and it was good. I don’t really know where she is in her faith walk, she attends church with us when in town but otherwise never goes. I do know that on the night we serve baked ziti to all who come to the table, I will think of her in the church kitchen, a loving heart preparing food for people she will never know just because I asked her to help me.  That is grace. I pray all who taste will feel it shine upon them. Emily will be there, sprinkling her own, just in case.  God is surely pleased.

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