Open Nest Openness

Those baby birds that nested in our garage? All have safely flown away. I miss the insistent chirps echoing in our space. Quiet has descend. Our level of quiet with 2 dogs who find the best time to battle over a stolen sock is when I sit down. But this I have grown accustomed to. God sent the mama to us, to our garage for safekeeping. I fretted over the cats, trying to monitor their location as they run freely and visit only during storms or hunger or the occasional desire for a chin scratching. God wasn’t worried.

Our little huntress was missing for two days, the days the babies took flying lessons. I was able to corral the big beasts and the fat lazy cat but my little girl was AWOL. I called for her every time I passed a door, I checked on the  babies as often. She didn’t show. Finally I checked the shed, the doors were shut after my Chef mowed. Surely she wouldn’t have run in there, the noise would have sent her scurrying away. In her 6 years with us, she has never been locked in there. Out of options, I looked anyway.  She was curled up on the mower seat. She was saved the indignity of walking the property to her food bowl, I deposited my wayward girl into the house for all of nature’s safe keeping. She ate, rehydrated, slept, the babies spread their wings and flew unto branches.

I may not recognize their songs now, the blending of all the morning joy into one. I won’t forget though the opportunity to love who God brings, the awesome responsibility to share our blessings, the joy that comes from opening even the little spaces to those in need. We find ourselves in this home with too many bedrooms, too much quiet, wandering about, rooms not entered for way too many days. Our home is not fit for an HGTV spread, unless it is the “before” picture. It is easy to grow self-conscious about all that is wrong, all that needs updating, painting, renovating. It is easy to avoid opening our doors because we don’t feel our home is good enough. Then we find someone who is in such great need that our place becomes like a castle. We find someone, or God brings someone to us, and realize that the shelter we can provide, the respite from worry and confusion, the peace and grace afforded at our table, these are the gifts of our home. God brings us people and creatures. We keep our doors open to those who need us. Those with more may be shocked that I don’t have a dishwasher. Those in need are amazed that we have so many beds, waiting.

I am realizing more and more that my soul is just as my home. So in need of fixing up. Broken, chipped, scarred, oddly patched but accepting of those who come without judgement. Broken knows broken. Look deeper and you will see a home, a soul, inviting all those who want more. Come and see me, I will share what I have. I will feed you, let you sing to me your song. You can nest here for as long as you need, until your wings are ready.

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