Lifting the Anchor

My “need to do” list has out-paced my motivation. The yard has grown more forlorn each passing day, my clippers haven’t left the shed. Summer plants are sad, blooms faded and forgotten. Empty pots sit neglected. Inside, a tote of holiday decorations mocks me daily. I ignore it. The rush of energy, the structure to my days is missing.  Too much time to think about the past and ruminate about what might lie ahead paralyzes me. Waiting for answers, seeking direction have stopped forward movement, all progress. Stuck.

Finally, tomorrow we will begin the steps of reconciling our past, putting betrayal behind us and looking fully to the future. The anxiety involved in facing those who have created such unrest is nothing compared to the hope of becoming unstuck, moving towards our future. I can feel the excitement building, the opportunity to begin again. A boat can’t move while anchored yet still is rocked, we have been tied to the past just the same. Truly severing all that held us in place and left us daily hit by waves, means we can chart our own course. Today feels new already, the tote holds promise, the yard not so intimidating. Today I am looking to the future, even knowing the anchor has yet to be raised. I can see it coming up though.  Look out, this ship is getting ready to move.

If you feel so moved, we covet your prayers tomorrow. Moving us out of port will take an entire crew, we are trusting that God is at the helm.

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