It Feels Like a Hat Day

I wonder if I can wear a hat in church today? I mean, we no longer hold to fancy dresses and suits, do we still need to adhere to that rule as well? Isn’t it time to reevaluate some customs to see if they are pertinent? Maybe it just takes one person, me, to start the revolution, to wear a very tasteful hat into church today, to not remove it as I enter the sanctuary,to worship with my head covered, sing and pray and give my offering all with my hat on.  I think it is time someone takes up this cause, I feel called to move on it.

On a side note, I got a bit close to the bonfire last night and singed my hair and eyebrows. I didn’t even realize it until Plum and I went inside for s’mores supplies and I brushed my hand across the top of my head and former pieces of my hair fluttered around us like a sudden snow storm. At first I thought it was ashes, then realization hit as more and more “snow” fell and the distinct odor of fried hair filled my nostrils. As I quietly explained the situation to Plum, something along the lines of ,”Oh shit, Plum, I think I burnt my hair,” he shared my fear and concern with fits of laughter. Finally controlling his worry, he looked closer and added that I had also gotten my eyebrows, which led him back to more empathic hilarity.

I struggle to see without my glasses so my hair cut is a bit rough.I went back over it throughout the evening, the scissors ever at the ready when I found a bit that seemed longer than the rest. Have you ever tried to cut the back of your hair while assuring a 6 year old that it will grow back and appearance isn’t everything?  I didn’t talk about eyebrows which I have heard don’t really return as easily. This is actually a scientific experiment for us. Research if you will. We will chart the growth patterns of the fifty-something eyebrow, the ability to regenerate after a devastating loss.

Chef was out of town visiting his mother which is why I got to light the fire in the first place. I didn’t mention our adventure when he called on his way home. We have so many fun times with Plum this one just slipped my mind. Already in bed, huddled fully under the covers when he got here, we didn’t discuss any more about our day. Really who can remember every little detail?  Apparently almost 6 year olds. His first words to me this morning were not,”good morning my wonderful loving gran, who I adore, who makes me hot chocolate and plays battle games for an entire weekend even though she dislikes battling.”  No, he said, “Can I go wake up Grandpa and tell him about your hair?”  He is sometimes not that cute.

Anyway, I have this cute new hat that I am dying to wear and it is getting so chilly out and I need to protect my health and I think it is time to challenge some customs and I just need to figure out how to buy off this kid so he doesn’t go blabbing his mouth to the entire congregation. Also I have to find an eyebrow pencil.  All in all, nothing to write about today.

3 thoughts on “It Feels Like a Hat Day

  1. Dorothy

    Gee, if I were there, I would certainly wear a hat. Being in the choir sort of makes it difficult but on second Sundays of the month at first service I will wear my hat, hopefully without singed hair but you never know.


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