What Would Sarah Say?

I sang you THIS LULLABY, a silly song every night as you drifted off to DREAMLAND. I can’t really sing but you didn’t know that then, you didn’t judge back then. My voice spoke God to you, brought love to you, in the midst of baby tears and scuffed up knees. Later, when I was kept under LOCK AND KEY, you had my voice on tape, I sang through my own tears and recorded my songs to send you to sleep with my love still close. How I wish I still had those tapes to send you, to remind you that I would give the MOON AND MORE to you, have given my everything to you, if you would JUST LISTEN. Now it feels like you are the one under LOCK AND KEY, you are KEEPING THE MOON, I am alone in the dark. The TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER is that SOMEONE LIKE YOU can only remember THAT SUMMER, not the years of singing before. ALONG FOR THE RIDE, forever connected even if apart, I sing quietly alone and wait for you to remember. I have never been a SAINT ANYTHING, I sing badly and make so many mistakes but my God how I would love to hear you sing to your babies. WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE, where is our hello? All of our favorite stories include resolution, redemption. What would Sarah say about all of this? Wouldn’t she write the next chapter soon, where we come back together in a new way? Remember how we anxiously awaited the next book, bought the hardback as soon as it hit the store? I would pay anything for our next book to begin.  What would the it be called? CAST AWAY is already taken. I love you sis.


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