The seeds of this blog have been long buried, waiting for the right season.  Without the love, encouragement and gentle nudges from my hubby, the chef and Janet, I would still be posting on Facebook once a month.  By supporting the path they could see clearly God was leading me on, they opened my eyes and gave me courage to share the vision.

John Chaille contributed some of his amazing landscape photography bringing grace and light and beauty. I am honored to have his work connected to my writings. Along the way, he has nurtured my writing with his gift and now I am blessed to receive even more of the family blessings with the photography of Barb Chaille joining these pages. If the photos are stunning, it is their work. If the horizon is tilted, the photo a bit funky, a dog or cat or a small child in view, those are my shots. No worries, you will be able to tell the difference.

I have changed names of family members to protect their privacy. This is my story. We all have one. I hope you enjoy watching these seeds come to life.